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The most important furniture in the salon

13 marca 2017

Furniture is necessary in every hair salon. Without it, the salon simply could not function. The selection is huge and there are many options available, so you can pick and chose those versions that will suit you best – you certainly do not have to buy everything that’s offered in the stores.

Styling chairs and units

Swivel styling chairs are thought to be the most important furniture pieces in the salon. They are convenient for both the customer and the employee, because they allow the hairdresser to reach the customer’s head from all angles. The swivel chair should support the client’s feet, so they will not hang in the air. It does not have to be a part of the chair, but it is a hindrance, because the styling chair should be adjustable in height, and such support should be adjusted with it. Height adjustment is in turn necessary because the hairdresser should have the customer’s head at the right height, and this is only possible with the aid of an adjustable seat.

hairdressing furniture

Another vital element connected with the styling chair is the styling unit in front of which the client will sit. It must be big enough to hold the hairdresser’s equipment and have a mirror providing customer with the clear view of the procedure. Such a mirror gives better illumination to the hairdresser’s work station. The bigger the mirror, the better the client’s visibility and the more additional light will fall on the client’s head.

A backwash unit

A backwash unit, sometimes referred to as a washing station, is considered as yet another essential piece of equipment in the salon. It consists of a chair holding a special handle in the back, where a bowl and a shower are placed, allowing you to wash the client’s head. Of course you do not necessarily have to own a backwash unit in your salon, but the use of it is much more convenient than for e.g. holding the head in the air. If a hair salon wants to gain and keep customers, it should always take care of the customer’s convenience and comfort.