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How to choose the furniture and equipment for a hair salon?

13 marca 2017

There seems to be a rising demand for professional hairdresser services. Most importantly, more and more men are interested in them. Their interest is on the rise and constitutes for a growing percentage of hair salon’s clientele.

Every one just wants to look good and take care of their appearance, and a haircut is one of the most important elements of this. This makes it easier for a hair enthusiast to find a job. On the other hand, this very fact causes a marked increase in competition and this requires you to put in extra effort in order to stay on the market and effectively attract customers.

Starting your own business alone is not enough. The salon must possess unique qualities. It must also run like a well-oiled engine. The most important issues are the appropriate equipment, the furniture, and the hairdressing accessories. Making a good choice is not as easy as it sounds, because in response to the growing demand, the manufacturers have expanded their offer and increased the diversity.

So what criteria should you follow when choosing your equipment?


A well-rounded hairdresser’s salon must have its specific style. We are talking about interior design based on the same principles used when arranging an apartment or an office. The possibilities are endless. The salon can be modern or classic, or something in-between.

proffesional furniture

The choice of suitable furniture will have by far the greatest impact on the final outcome of you efforts, since it determines the atmosphere of the place. The climate and the mood are often times decisive factors when choosing a hair salon.

The highest quality

Regardless of your aesthetic choices, it is necessary to maintain the highest quality of the equipment. They are the salon’s best feature, after all, and must attest to its level of professionalism. You should not try and save money on it. Buying the cheapest furniture is certainly a poor choice, because those pieces will wear out quickly and will mar the interior, deterring customers.

High quality equipment not only looks better and stays in good shape for a longer period of time, but it also gives your salon an aura of professionalism. Moreover, it is all the more important for you, because good equipment helps you work – you need to keep in mind that you will spend a greater part of each day doing haircuts and dying the hair. All the compromises at the expense of ergonomics will certainly be felt by the employees, which in turn will doubtlessly influence the quality of customer service.