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Must-have equipment – do you have it?

13 marca 2017

What kind of furniture is a must-have? Below you will find the list of pieces that are for one reason or another absolutely necessary.

A styling chair

No hair salon can manage without a decent styling chair. Styling chairs are essential in the hairdresser’s everyday work. They also determine the comfort of the client, and therefore, you want to pay attention and to choose a really good one. The stores and warehouses have a slew of options suitable for every decor. Manufacturers are trying to make better and better designs, while the materials they use to manufacture, as well as their colours and various additional elements, are constantly changing and evolving. Their form and craftsmanship behind them are truly impressive. Sometimes they even look as though they could fit nicely in your own apartment.

Why the styling chair is so important?

First of all, its comfort and aesthetic influence the customer’s opinions about the salon. The seat should always be clean, function without a hitch, and be adjustable, which are all factors that make the client feel relaxed and comfortable. The second thing is that the styling chair is also of great importance to the hairdresser. Height adjustment is an affordable luxury, providing the hairdresser with a complete freedom of movement. As you can see the styling chair is truly one of the most essential pieces of furniture in the salon.

hairdresser chair

A backwash unit

The second irreplaceable piece of furniture is the backwash unit, because it is used on each and every client. A true professional recognizes the importance and the convenience offered by it, because it allows for proper preparation of the hair before other procedures take place. A very good solution is to have a unit with additional functions, which make washing the hair easier and are comfortable for the customer. Some models are equipped with a footrest, which comes handy during longer procedures

A styling unit

 A styling unit consists of a mirror with a shelf beneath it for all sorts of hairdressing accessories and tools. The quality of the mirror is especially important, because it is usually the main focus of the customer’s attention. First of all, it must be clean and neat, because most of the time the customer’s gaze will be directed at it. Clutter or dust will reflect badly on the hairdresser.

In contrast, what style you choose depends only on your taste and personal preference. You can go for the classic style, which makes the process of picking the styling chair and other accessories much easier, or a more modern one, which will surely attract attention with smart solutions and eye-catching colours. The styling unit should be the salon’s best feature, saying a lot about its employees.