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The perfect hairdresser’s – a few words about the furniture and zones in the salon

13 marca 2017

The decor can say a lot about the nature of the salon. If your services are aimed at teenage audiences, there is no place for the classic combination of black and white and a sober colour scheme, primarily dominated by white and beige. If the room is designed for demanding business women, a romantic style with jugs full of flowers is not the best solution.

Even before you begin to design the space, it is good to think about the types of client you want to target. Once this decision is made, you will certainly find the choice of furniture style and the selection of the colour scheme much easier than it was initially. Do not forget that even the smallest salon should have separate zones – a styling zone, a hair wash zone, a labour zone meant for the preparation and mixing of hair dyes, a social space for the employees, and a toilet for yours clients.

Backwash units

The hallmark of the washing zone is, of course, access to water, because it is here that the hair and the skin on the customer’s head are cleaned. A backwash unit is considered good if it offers adequate support for the neck. When bending, the cervical vertebrae should not be overly stressed by the action and the chair should also provide good support for the customer’s back.

equipment and decor

Styling units and trolleys

One of the most important places in the salon is the so-called styling zone. Unique hairstyles are created right here and the hairdresser needs to be able to use many cosmetics at the same time. The key to success seems to be not only a good organization, but also the arrangement, so you should definitely invest in a few cabinets and some trolleys on wheels equipped with shelves that you can reach out for whenever the need arises.

A styling chair

Although a styling chair was listed at the very end, one cannot argue that it is the most important piece of equipment in the salon. The ideal styling chair should be comfortable and be characterized by a well-contoured backrest and armrests. Its adjustment can be done in many ways, but today the most popular one is a hydraulic pump.

The labour zone

A labour zone is understood as a space where the hairdressers can prepare hair dyes for their clients. It does not have to be big. Often times a small corner equipped with a sink is more than enough.