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6 Steps to Found and Decorate a Hairdresser's Salon

31 lipca 2017


Hairdresser's salon should be a background for an unforgettable experience for both the hairdressers and the clients. Every salon is different – rooms can be fancy and posh or old with a strong vintage vibe. Did you stuck on choosing how a decor in your hairdresser's salon should look like? Read our guide posted below and prepare yourself for the wind of change!

1. Establish a budget

This is the very first thing you have to do. Going to Ikea or any store with hairdressing equipment with just a rough idea in your mind is truly pointless. Do you have money to equip and to run the hairdresser's salon? Have you already chosen the place? Are you qualified or have you found such people? Well, if the answer is 'yes', please remember that you have to pay them. Don't buy everything that looks good if you can't afford it.

2. Choose a colour scheme

Is your hairdresser's salon going to be white? Pink? Blue? White and black? In all the colours of the rainbow? What exact parts are going to differ from each other? Do you prefer posh, beigy look or sweet diamonds and lilac? Choose wisely and write it all down! 

3. Find out what kind of things you need

Before you figure out where to put everything, just find out what you need to buy in the first place. Comfortable chairs, hair wash basines, all the equipment for the waiting room area... Write it down and make sure that all of that will fit in your place. Go to a furniture store or find necessary accessories in the web.

hair wash basines

4. Prepare a plan where to put all those things

In hairdresser's salon everything should get it's permanent place. You don't want it to look cramped – if that's the case, you should make your salon bigger. On the other hand, if the space looks far too spatial, add more accessories, plants and furniture. Make sure that you like your own place and you feel good in this kind of setting. If you don't like the ideas of your co-workers, be ready to speak up!

5. Find the right name and put your saloon on the map

Make a lot of posters and fancy business cards and hand them out to all the people you know. Start a website and your own Facebook profile. They have to look neat and professional, so if you can't do it by yourself, pay for the service. Your name has to be both original and in good taste.

6. Place your equipment into your hairdresser's salon

The decoring part is over! Make sure you've put everything right in its place and that you've installed all the shelves, sinks and other stuff. Take a picture of your ready place and post it online. Just wait for the new clients and try to do your best!