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Hairdressing in style – what type of decor should you chose for your salon?

13 marca 2017

Professional furniture is a staple in a hair salon. Choosing it is not such a simple thing though – everyone and anyone who has ever visited a professional store can agree with that. Manufacturers are racing each other in terms of offers, constantly producing more and more interesting and better-crafted furniture, which can make your head spin.

So before you proceed to select and determine the furniture which will be suitable for your future workplace, let's first decide what style you want to commit to and what the atmosphere you want it to create. There are no rules which must be adhered to in this regard – you can simply pick a style that suits you best. You can always go for the classic style, but you can also decide on something modern with a touch of extravagance to further enchant your customers.

Hairdressing furniture

The most valuable elements of the interior design in this case is of course the hairdressing furniture. Making the choice of which pieces to buy can easily put you in a state of confusion and uncertainty, since you cannot possibly guess what will truly appeal to your future customers. Furniture gives the salon its style and atmosphere, so they can either be an interesting break from the classic and traditional, or overwhelming in their awkwardness. Therefore, their choice cannot be accidental, but well thought out with the available space in mind. To a large extent the style and aesthetics of furniture will decide on how the customer will perceive your salon and whether they will want to come back.

design salon

Focus on elegance and functionality

If the furniture does not aid the hairdresser in his or her work, it will quickly become their nightmare, no matter how beautiful and stylish it is. Besides a nice and elegant appearance, it needs to be practical and functional. When determining the style of furniture you will buy, try to consider what you will need and what you will be using on a daily basis. Those factors will later have impact on the popularity of your salon with the customers and its good opinion.

Cluttered accessories, as well as poor distribution of products and hair accessories around the seat make for bad advertisement. Customers will quickly pick it up, even subconsciously, and will compare it to other stores, which might be better organized. Do not forget about the practical use of the furniture in pursuit of fashionable style and design. Besides elegance and practice, the environment created should feel good to you. Remember that the salon is your place of work, where you spend a lot of time, so the most important thing is that you yourself feel good in it.