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The furniture in a hair salon – what should you buy and why

13 marca 2017

In every city there is at least a couple of hair salons, which are trying to win the fight for customers. Competition is large, and it is particularly for the newly-established salons hard to gain clientele. The clients can be divided into two categories: those who do not care where they go as long as the end result of their visit is a refreshed  and those who carefully choose a salon,  guided by a number of factors, not only the hairdresser’s skills.

There is a wide range of clients salons who come to trim or dye your hair, but also to relax and unwind. You can feel very comfortable in the salon, sometimes even luxurious, and there are customers are even being somewhat spoiled, which t attracts ten times more than the hairdresser’s charisma.

But how to do it so and what kind of furniture to choose?

First of all – the choice of style and arrangement

At first let us consider what style you yourself feel good in. The salon is first and foremost a place of work, so it is very important for a hairdresser to enjoy being there, because it will affect his or hers efficiency and creativity. Let's think carefully about the colour scheme, the arrangement of the available space, and let’s also measure the length of the walls so the furniture you choose fits perfectly.

design salon

The interior design must be consistent with your chosen equipment and accessories. You should stick to this principle no matter what style you choose. You should also carefully consider the location and type of lighting, the amount of furniture, and the placement of various accessories. Elegant interior, professional service, and a good time spent in the hair salon are key to success.

The reception desk

While arranging the interior of the salon it is difficult to ignore the importance of hairdressing furniture. It is important to note here that saving money on it is simply not worth, because good-quality furniture contributes significantly to the level of comfort and increases the customer’s satisfaction. The reception desk is the first place the customer gets to see, so you can safely say that it is a vital part of the salon. Therefore, you should keep its elegant and aesthetic appearance in mind. The waiting room should offer comfortable seats and hangers for the client’s outer clothing. A table with newspapers and a small television or radio would not hurt either.

The backwash unit

The backwash unit is the most important of the interior. An adjustable chair on which the client sits during treatments is also crucial. When choosing styling chairs it is better to choose ones darker colours that will perfectly synchronize with virtually any colour of the walls. The cabinets and trolleys are also important, because this is where you will do the necessary preparations and set up your hairdressing appliances. Do not forget about the mirrors, which have a double function: to show the effects of your work and to illuminate the interior.