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5 Ways to Keep Your Hairdresser's Salon In Perfect Condiction

1 sierpnia 2017

Everything depends on details – carefully chosen, refreshing elements that create consistent look and an inviting vibe all around your hairdresser's salon. Start from little habits that make customers feel comfortable, and remember about some routines that prolong the lifespan of hairdressing equipment. Here we present five quick and easy tips to keep your space both happy and healthy!

1. Pump it

Although the first few inches of the chair's hydraulic base will be used pretty often, the rest of it should not be forgotten. Raise and low it at least a couple times a week, so you can lubricate the seals. Instead of manual pumps you can choose some smoother solutions, like motorized bases.

2. Make it low

With thousands of customers sitting on the same styling chairs, amount of stress for your hairdressing equipment is constantly growing. A great habit is to lower the chairs after each service, even a short one. This technique is really simple and it won't cost you much, and it reduces pressure from the equipment's base at the same time.

3. Keep it clean

Accidents happen and they always will. Colors – as coffee – can spill, and dye may do some mess from time to time. The most crucial thing is to wipe the stains as soon as it's possible. Always follow the instructions written on the product's package. If you smirch light-coloured upholstery, try to use Mr. Clean magic eraser immediately. Before you do it let's test it at the bottom of the styling chair.

clean hair salon

4. Beware traps and do the check-ups

Carefully check the traps all around shampoo-service areas, especially in hair wash basines. Check your pipes and spray hoses for hairdressing equipment from time to time. There shouldn't be any hair in here, cause they can fill up and clog the most important devices. As it comes to the spray hoses, you have to replace them regularly. Loose nuts, screws or bolts should be controlled maintained and quickly adjusted if it's needed. Nobody wants any leaks or service delays in their hairdresser's salon...

5. Block the base

It may not be a health tip, but you should totally spend a few more seconds per day to fulfill this step. Firtsly, direct all the chairs in the hairdresser's saloon in a standard direction and lock the equipment's base between services. Thanks to that clients may be able to seat without an irritating hassle of a rotating chair. Secondly, add the base-locking habit to your evening routine. Maybe some passerby will become amazed by a clean, finished look of your salon and will return to see it inside.