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Hairdressing furniture must-know

13 marca 2017

If your are starting to design your salon, you should forget about saving. The sage “grasp all, lose all” applies here, so top quality should be the most important criteria.

It is expected of the furniture to fulfil its tasks for a long time, so as not to raise any controversy. Do not forget that the furniture affects the way in which a hair salon is seen. If the owner takes care of the equipment, it can be assumed that they will also take care of the customer. Plus the customer returns primarily to those places he or she remembers having the best experience at. Also, well-chosen furniture has a substantial impact on the company's image.

Moreover professional furniture is appreciated not only by the customers, but also the employees, since the better their working conditions, the greater becomes their motivation when carrying out their duties. So there is no exaggeration in saying that your concern for the appropriate equipment benefits everyone in the long run.

comfort armchair

What are the key elements?

If you put yourself in your client’s shoes for a moment, you would certainly see that what strikes him or her in the first place is a reception desk and the waiting area. Because of this you are expected to give your best impression there.

If the client feels discouraged after taking their first steps in the salon, they will doubtlessly come to the conclusion that he or she should have their hair taken care of elsewhere. The reception desk should not only be stylish, but also provide the client with a feeling of safety, and achieving this goal is possible only when you reach for the appropriate furniture. It is not any less important, it seems, to have a waiting room, which provides customers with both relaxation and a sense of security. Of course, the client evaluates the furniture not only when waiting for their turn. They are also doing this  while sat on the styling chair, although this is more or less unconscious behaviour.

Therefore it is vital to keep both the styling chair and unit in a pristine condition, because it will relax the customer only if it fits the basic criteria of comfort, such as stability and a proper shape. The furniture should also have a similar design.