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Buying the furniture – how to pick what’s best?

12 marca 2017

Choosing furniture for the  salon is fun, but it turns out that it is not such a simple task. The possibilities are endless and you can be swallowed whole by the sheer amount of available options. The biggest problem is simply deciding what rules should be followed when making the final choice?

Typically, the comfort of the client is put at the top of the list. This is usually achieved with a good-quality styling chair. They must be comfortable and have a well-tailored support for the back, arms, and feet. They must be able to rotate and have a height adjustment that will give the hairdresser the opportunity to work comfortably with the client. If the customer feels good and can indulge in small talk with the hairdresser, he or she will want to come back again. In addition to the convenience, the chair should also have an appropriate presence. In practice, this means having five wheels and a hydraulic pump that will take care of the appropriate height of your chair even when the client is sitting in it.

Purely technical aspects are not all there is to it . The styling chair must also be properly presented. Black or white upholstery is usually the way to go, which are universal and fit with any decor. They are however also quite boring, so you need to keep in mind that black and white discolour quickly, losing its advantages. Picking more vivid colours it is usually a very good option if only interior allows it.

proffesional chair

Swivel stools

Thinking about your own comfort is just as important as thinking about the client. Swivel stools are a perfect solution. Oftentimes very nicely stylized, those chairs allow you to sit during work and thus reduce the amount of stress put on the spine. There is a whole lot of swivel stools on the market, which translates a wide variety really nice styles, low prices, and the possibility of picking the most convenient method of adjustment in the stool, which also means that you will not need to adjust the position of the styling chair.

In the end purely practical matters are worth think about. When choosing a styling chair, let's one picking one with armrest that will not get tangled with the cable of the blow dryer. The shape ofthe chair is also very important. The seat can be soft and pretty, but if it does not have a good shape, sitting in it will become problematic. Last, but not least, do not forget: you have to carefully avoid cheap materials, because the salon appliances are used intensively.